Website Update 5/16/18

I’m going to post updates to my website as they happen. right now, the latest update is the footer on the ammo pages. All have links on them now.

I am working on the form to add data as well to try to make it as simple as possible. What I will be working on in the coming days is the adding of radio buttons to the form so that it is a simple click of a button to see if the ammo was bought or sold. Maybe have two links to two different forms? That way, it would make it easier to choose the right one.

 I’ve migrated my website over to a new virtual server on my Citrix xenserver. The new server is updated to the latest software. I had some issues with the compatibility of the php 7.2 software but everything was configured to work as it should. 

OFBiz, the opensource ERP software was added to my website. This is more of a text site to learn more about ERP software. 

YouTube like site was removed. Spammers flooded the site and kept crashing my site. I never used that site so I just removed it. 

Photos site was was added to my site at or This site has all my photos for friends and family to view. There also is a Community section where anyone can upload their photos. 

More updates are to come!