Website Update 5/16/18

I’m going to post updates to my website as they happen. right now, the latest update is the footer on the ammo pages. All have links on them now.

I am working on the form to add data as well to try to make it as simple as possible. What I will be working on in the coming days is the adding of radio buttons to the form so that it is a simple click of a button to see if the ammo was bought or sold. Maybe have two links to two different forms? That way, it would make it easier to choose the right one.

 I’ve migrated my website over to a new virtual server on my Citrix xenserver. The new server is updated to the latest software. I had some issues with the compatibility of the php 7.2 software but everything was configured to work as it should. 

OFBiz, the opensource ERP software was added to my website. This is more of a text site to learn more about ERP software. 

YouTube like site was removed. Spammers flooded the site and kept crashing my site. I never used that site so I just removed it. 

Photos site was was added to my site at or This site has all my photos for friends and family to view. There also is a Community section where anyone can upload their photos. 

More updates are to come!

My dream is not dead

It all started about 4 years ago. I was fresh out of college and had absolutely no clue what I was going to do with my life. There were many different jobs that I applied for. Right then and there I knew there was a challenge ahead of me. I got the wrong degree.

Luckily for me, my cousin was able to get me a job selling cars. I knew selling cars was not for me and I didn’t want to sell cars forever but being able to pay my bills was on my mind. My knowledge about cars was mediocre and frankly, I did not care to learn.

Sleepless nights were spent wondering my purpose in life. What was I going to do to contribute to society. What was I going to do for a career.

One day, it hit me. I love the financial aspect of selling cars. I want to go into finance! That said, exactly what I wanted to do for a career was nowhere on my mind.

I worked hard climbing the ranks. One day, I was asked to create a report for my supervisor. It was supposed to be a simple report, a report that tracked the salesmen’s sales based off the customers credit risk grade as well as test drive percentage. Being a salaried employee who was very busy during the work day, I had to start the report after closing. This was about ten pm.  To my delight, I was having so much fun with it! Two am rolled around and I was still at the dealership creating this report.

That night, I found out that I not only wanted to be in finance, but I wanted to work with data! I started researching what type of jobs had these two criteria. My findings were all over. I was back to not knowing where to take my career.

The report I was asked to create ended up taking some time and eventually was sent out to my management team. They loved it. “Best report we have ever used!” “It’s so simple and easier to read than our last report!”  I was on cloud nine. What I had done was used data to create an analysis tool for the managers to easily and simply look at information that previously was unreadable. The report quickly spread throughout the region and within a couple months, most of the 150 stores nationwide were using my report. People were even calling my dealership asking to speak to me about how great my report was and to request additions! Version 1, 2, 3, and 4 came out over the next couple of months. Each bringing a huge update of improvements. I was asked to create other reports for the company, which I did very happily.

Then it happened…. I finally found out what I wanted to do with my career. I was speaking to my manager and the words “you really should become one of the analysts”. “An analyst? Like an investment analyst?”, I thought to myself. How was I supposed to transition into something like that?

That night, I desided to look up what analysts do. There were so many types of analysts! Financial analyst, credit analyst, investment analyst, business analyst. There were so many to look at! I knew I had to become an analyst. Even my friend from college, who is an analyst, told me to become one!

My resume went out everywhere. I applied for hours, days, months even! Excited that I finally knew what I wanted to be “when I grow up”, I was not giving up easily. The total amount of interviews I got… zero. After a couple months, I gave up being an analyst. No degree that fit the description and no experience.

The car industry started to take a turn for the worse. Everything was trending down. That’s when it hit me, the car industry is like a roller coaster. There are peaks and valleys.  No stability. I needed out before I was stuck for good.

By this time, I had created many excel reports. I even got into sql and php programming as well as other statistical software. I knew I wanted to be an analyst at this point but no one would even interview me for an analyst position.

My dream was still a dream. Later that year, I received and accepted a job offer working with personal loans at a financial institution. Wasn’t my dream job of being an analyst, but closer… much closer.

My dream is within reach, but there might as well be a steel door blocking my way to my dream.

Until my dream becomes a reality, I plan on learning more and more. Until I think I cannot learn anything else. Then I’ll learn some more. One day, hopefully soon, my dream of becoming an analyst will come true. My dream WILL become a reality. That reality will become my career.